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RDC are a one-stop-shop for sourcing manufactured products from China, Hong Kong & Taiwan for businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and Ireland.

Through our expertise we will help you to reduce your costs whilst maintaining the highest quality of product.

We specialise in manufacturing customised products to your requirements. These can be off the shelf items that need branding, to modification, to redesign to suit your requirement, or it can be a brand new product that requires the confidentiality and expertise that RDC offers to bring it from a concept to a fully delivered manufactured product.
We offer a full service from “Factory Floor to Your Front Door“. That includes helping you build your specification, to quotes, to prototypes, to manufacturing, shipping inspection and delivery to your door. We tailor make our service to suit your business, as every product and requirement is different. We take the hassle out of dealing with China, which allows you concentrate on your business.
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RDC will give you expert advice at every stage of the process. We will help you build your specification and compile your quotes. RDC will advise on prototypes, how to manufacture them and ship them to your door.

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Our vast network of contacts in China is at your disposal. Finding the right solution and partner for your requirements is our priority. RDC will source multiple quotes and negotiate compeditie pricing our your behalf.

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RDC will facilitate the manufacture of your customised product to your exact requirements. Our wealth of knowledge and experience will help guide you through the manufacturing process of any item.

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Send an email to info@raydoyleconsulting.com or give us a call for a consultation on +353 (0)87 259 6492. We will do the rest.