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What type of products can you outsource for clients?

Just about anything that you want manufactured – can be built in China and up to 50% savings

What kind of savings can I expect from sourcing in a project to China?

Savings depend upon your product and demand. While every project is different. Our clients have seen savings that range anywhere from 15– 20% and up to 50%

Why should I enlist RDC to co-ordinate my project instead of going directly to China myself?

When doing business in China – business relationships are built over time. And of course there are the issues with translation, etc. We know the business owners, their team and we have years of experience and contacts to make your product a success. We provide an already established presence with our team in China being Chinese. We have an extensive network of suppliers in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. This save your company both time and money.

How long does it take to source a product from China?

From the initial enquiry to delivering it can take from 14 days up to 4 months depending on the product and the complexity of your requirement. We outline this at the time of enquiry.

What type of Companies does RDC work with?

We work with all sizes of businesses from SME’s to large multi- nationals. We work mainly with anyone who does not have the resources to have a presence to be able to source in China on their own.

What does the quote include?

It includes an all in price for your product which includes manufacture, shipping inspection, shipping, delivery, duty, insurance and RDC management

Fees does RDC Charge?

Our fees are dependent on each customer’s needs and depend on the volume and the value. If it is low volume high price – the fee ranges between 8 – 10%. If it is high volume – low cost, then the fee can be more as we have a level of service that we need to provide to ensure a good quality product.

How do I get started with my Chinese Sourcing Project?

Simply fill in the enquiry form or you can email us at info@raydoyleconsulting.com