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How can we help you source from China?
Other Services
  • Put together a full specification of your product including photos
  • Provide drawings
  • Packaging Requirement & Drawings of any labels or branding
  • A sample (if available)
  • Any testing or certification that is required
  • A target price if available
  • Annual or projected quantities – knowing approximately planned order numbers is important for supply capacity considerations, as well as pre- negotiation inputs.
  • Timescale for your product or Project – Do you have expectations in terms of delivery times or lead times?
  • Project Scope: How much involvement do you require from us? We can participate in as much or as little as your require from simple supplier contact identification to full supply chain management
  • Confidentiality agreement where applicable. RDC can supply it if you don’t have one. Email: info@raydoyleconsulting.com with Confidentiality Agreement in heading

Other services that we can provide either in-house or through our partners

• Drawing
• Design
• Prototyping
• Branding
• Testing
• Distribution
• Packaging
• Kitting
• Assembly or part assembly
• Multi – Manufacturing facilities for bespoke products
• Supply Chain Management

Product Sourcing Overview

Once an enquiry has been made to RDC we will call you or email you establish all your requirements including technical specifications, drawings, samples, quantities, timescale including quality / safety standards required.

Manufacturers are chosen to suit your product requirements including standards. We get several quotes from the various manufacturers including different variances, prices breaks, sample prices, lead times, standards, and tooling where applicable plus terms and conditions. Our focus is to negotiate competitive pricing on your behalf to ensure it is cost effective and it makes it worthwhile sourcing in China.

Where samples are requested – a charge may be applicable from the various manufacturers that have quoted and give the best value and the meet the specification criteria the nearest. Sampling usually continues until a final product is provided that meets your specification. We sign off on the sample and update the product specification to reflect all changes.

When samples have been approved, the next stage is to place an order with agreed delivery dates and deadlines. RDC through it’s will oversee the operation through manufacture, shipping inspection, payment, shipping and delivery to ensure that any issues that may arise are handled swiftly and efficiently so that they don’t affect the schedules or costs. We put purchase contracts in place with each supplier to ensure that everything meets your requirements..

This is a vital part of the production of your product. We agree inspection criteria with you in advance, based on your experience with your product and also our experience with similar products. We send our inspector(s) to the production factory to inspect the product prior to shipping. We give you a full inspection report based on the inspector’s findings plus supporting photos outlining any issues we may have experienced during the inspection. We also give a course of action to rework / replace the defective product if any. If needed we will reinspect the product to ensure it meets your specifications.


We organise the shipping to suit your requirements and deadlines. It can be by air or sea freight or a mixture of both to suit your time frame. We also can offer multi – delivery facilities if you need more than one delivery whether it is in the same country or several countries.

After your order is complete and delivered we review all aspects of your product order process to make it better and improve both the product and the order process so that future orders become more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions